CORe: Turning Food into Energy

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CORe® is Waste Management’s organic recycling process that converts food waste into EBS®, an organic slurry product used to generate green energy. With CORe®, we collect commercial food waste from restaurants, schools, food processing plants and grocery stores, screen it to remove contaminants such as plastic, packaging and bones. The waste is then blended into an engineered slurry that has a consistency like cooked oatmeal. The slurry dramatically increases the production of biogas in anaerobic digesters, which is used to create renewable energy.

Waste Management’s CORe® facilities in Southern California, New York, Boston and New Jersey deliver EBS® to municipal wastewater facilities, which increases their energy output. Waste Management has made over 40 million gallons of EBS® from our facilities to date. Each ton of processed food waste can power between eight and 10 homes.  READ MORE.