WM Driver Kudos

All our WM teams strive to provide the best service possible to our customers. Learn about a few of our drivers who recently went above and beyond for the customers on their route.


Ricky Leclair, Rochester NH

While servicing a local restaurant in Sanford Maine, Driver Ricky Leclair noticed some money on the ground beside a parked car. Ricky picked up the cash and immediately gave it to a contact inside the restaurant, who returned it to the person who dropped it. Both people were extremely impressed with Ricky’s honesty – our restaurant customer called him, “Mr. Integrity.” Ricky’s actions exemplify doing the right thing the right way!


Ben Garand and Efrain Melandez, Woburn MA

We all know how awful it would be to lose our wallet or purse. A WM customer in Woburn MA experienced this recently, but thankfully it turned out okay thanks to driver, Ben Garand, and helper, Efrain Melandez. While on their route, Ben and Efrain discovered a wallet and placed it in a nearby mailbox. This thoughtful act was caught on the resident’s doorbell camera and they contacted the hauling district office immediately. Turns out the owner of the wallet is an active duty service member who was home on leave with his two children and was extremely appreciative of Ben and Efrain’s honesty!