Special Waste Requires Special Handling & Disposal

Special waste is any solid waste or combination of solid wastes that due to quantity, concentration, physical or chemical characteristics or, biological properties requires special handling and disposal. These items cannot be combined with other trash.

There are unique challenges associated with special waste. For customers who generate specialized waste, requiring waste profiling, customized handling, heightened safety measures or unique disposal practices, Waste Management has the knowledge and expertise to handle them all.

Before disposing of any special waste, call your dedicated Waste Management Account Manager who will assist you in creating a waste profile to ensure your special waste is safely handled and disposed of properly.  Otherwise, call our TSC (Technical Service Center) at 800-963-4776 for assistance.

Examples of special waste items include:

  • Outdated/Contaminated food (in excess of box or two)
  • Process wastes
  • Off spec products
  • Filter cake
  • Contaminated rags
  • Speedy Dry
  • Contaminated soil
  • Empty pesticide containers
  • Grease/grit trap waste
  • Sludge
  • Slag and refractory brick
  • Non-Friable/Friable Asbestos
  • Treated regulated medical waste
  • Poles/RR Ties (newer)
  • Deer/animals
  • Waste watch list
  • Baghouse dust
  • Health and Safety issues (dusty)