Heroic WM Employees Save a Life

A dump trailer carrying a load of sludge became stuck at the Turnkey Recycling & Environmental Enterprise (TREE) landfill in Rochester, NH while attempting to deliver its load to the working face. Soon after, a mechanic for the trucking company arrived on site to fix the truck. Unfortunately, due to a number of mechanical issues while the mechanic was under the truck, the tailgate opened and released the sludge material, trapping the mechanic. Once WM TREE personnel realized what had happened, they sprang into action and began digging through sludge to rescue the mechanic. After about 45 minutes of back-breaking work, the mechanic was freed from the sludge and transported by ambulance to a nearby hospital where he was evaluated and released later that day.

Kudos to WM personnel at the Turnkey Landfill for acting so quickly and without hesitation, saving the life of this individual. Special thanks go to the immediate rescue team of Mike Ricci, Nate Zriny, Will Hatch, Dave Wittenberg and Beau Roy who stood in knee-deep sludge for over half an hour digging relentlessly to save the mechanic. Thanks to the heroic efforts of these men, this story had a happy ending.

Pictured above:

Will Hatch, Mike Ricci, Nate Zriny, and Dave Wittenberg