WM Unveils New $30 MRF in Cleveland As Part Of Larger Regional and National Recycling Plans

Recycling Facility

WM is pleased to announce the opening of a nearly 100,000 square-foot recycling facility in Cleveland, OH. The state-of-the-art technology deployed in the new facility is expected to process up to 420 tons of recyclables per day. The WM Cleveland Recycling Facility is  intended to help the region’s recycling programs expand and is part of […]

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WM’s Chief DEI Officer Draws On Years In The Field To Connect With Front-line Workers

At a time when workers are looking for more flexible, supportive work environments and clearer paths to promotion, WM’s Chief DEI Officer, Kelly Rooney, uses employee feedback to shape training programs and job requirements that provide better opportunities for career advancement. Learn more about how Kelly uses her unique perspective to ensure that WM is […]

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