Fenway Fan Engagement: Red Sox Reuse Trivia Night and Harry Potter Sustainability Sorcerers

Red Sox baseball fans who visited the Waste Management table during a recent Red Sox game guessed answers to Fenway Green Facts about waste, recycling, and organics that take place at the MLB park. 

Did You Know: Fenway Park recycled and composted ~1 Million pounds of the ~3.2 Million pounds of waste generated at the park in 2019. 

For Fenway Film Night, Harry Potter Sustainability Sorcerers who visited the WM table learned how to Recycle Right at Fenway, ensuring no contaminants get deposited in Fenway’s blue recycling bins. 

All guests received giveaways – including a Red Sox and WM branded aluminum water bottle to promote reuse and another the WM branded notepad made from recycled content to promote recycling!