Zoo New England Partners with Gorillas on the Line

Zoo New England Joins Gorillas on the Line Campaign

Zoo New England (ZNE), operator of both the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston and Stone Zoo in Stoneham, has been a Waste Management (WM) customer for several years. In addition to traditional waste and recycling, WM has assisted ZNE with its extensive efforts to properly dispose of waste, including recycling manure, yard waste, batteries and bulbs, electronic waste and bulk items. ZNE also supports their mission “to protect and sustain the natural world for future generations” by baling its cardboard, managing organic waste on-site, and funding its Green Team via rebates from metal recycling.

Currently, ZNE is participating in a global mobile recycling challenge, Gorillas on the Line, to help protect gorilla habitats. Coltan, a mineral used in the manufacturing of small electronics, is mined from areas where endangered gorillas live. Recycling these items reduces the demand for coltan in new products, preserving gorilla’s natural habitat.

From now through May 30th, WM will be collecting old smartphones, cell phones, iPods, iPads, tablets, and mp3 players at our headquarters, located at 26 Patriot Place, Foxboro, MA 02035.

We invite all customers to drop off, mail in, or give electronics to a WM employee. Please be sure to delete personal data prior to donating electronics. WM will ship all used electronics to ZNE for recycling via EcoCell. Funds raised will support gorilla conservation.