24/7 Customer Self Service

WM Makes Things Easier with 24/7 Customer Self Service

We now offer 24/7 Customer Self Service for all US customers through our phone systems. With these new customer self-service capabilities, our customers are able to take advantage of easy, self-service functionality 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-a-year! These enhancements include:

One-time payments: Customers are able provide credit card or banking information and make a payment on their account.

Special event alerts: When our customers call us, they will hear custom broadcast messages regarding a holiday, weather alert, or other special event for their specific area!

Status updates and ETA: Our customers can receive confirmation that either their service has been completed or receive an ETA on when their service is scheduled.

Commercial pickup scheduling: Our existing commercial customers are able to schedule extra pickups — with just a few clicks of their phone keypad!

Roll-off pickup scheduling: Our existing roll-off customers are able to schedule pickups.

Call us today 800-972-4545.