Check out what our customers have to say about our awesome WM team.

WM Driver Kudos

Arnie Vickery, Driver PORTLAND, ME
We received two emails recently from a large housing development in Westbrook, ME praising the great service of Arnold ‘Arnie’ Vickery. One email stated, “Arnie has such a positive attitude and is one of those employees we all wish were working for us.” And the other said, “I just want to tell you how awesome the gentleman is that picks up the trash. He always unlocks the gate, pulls the truck up, and then locks it [the gate] back up. I was so impressed by his commitment and dedication to his job and just wanted to share that with you.”

Joshua Roldan and Mark Ladd, Residential Recycling Team LONDONDERRY, NH

It’s not often that customers take time out of their days to make multiple calls to provide positive feedback about the service they receive. That is exactly what a customer from Lowell, MA, did after a recent visit from Mark and Josh. She said that her children absolutely love when Mark and Josh go by, and that they always take time to say hello to the kids. What really put things over the top, however, was when Mark and Josh brought presents for all of her children just before Christmas. Amazing stuff guys, keep up the great work!

Mike Morgan and Brack Glandon Gordon Marsh, Driver, NORTON, MA

A resident from Cohasset, MA sent a letter detailing how pleased she is with the service provided by Gordon Marsh. The letter stated, “Gordon Marsh has given us exceptional service. Recently, when he noticed I was struggling with my container, he rushed to help me. In our current society one does not often experience such kind and helpful treatment. This service is much appreciated and certainly results in my encouraging others to use your company.”

Mike Morgan and Brack Glandon ROCHESTER, NY
We often say that our collection crews do so much more that place material from the curb into our trucks—they are the eyes and ears along our routes every day. The crew of Mike Morgan and Brack Glandon proved this recently at a home on their route. Thankfully, Mike and Brack were there when an elderly man fell and could not get up. They brought the man into his house and made certain that he was okay and needed no further assistance. Great work, guys!