WM Driver Kudos

Mike Conception & Tony Gonzales

The Solid Waste Association of New York recognized the waste and recycling collection team of Mike Conception and Tony Gonzales as part of their Waste & Recycling Workers Recognition Program. The pair were recently praised by a customer in Rochester, NY for their incredible customer service and kindness toward their son. The customer stated, “Mike Conception and Tony Gonzales are not only always friendly but have gone above and beyond to interact with our son who is on the Autism spectrum and enjoys helping them with the trash and recycling totes. They go out of their way to be friendly and accommodating and even enjoy our crazy dog.” 

Amazing work Mike and Tony and congratulations on this well-deserved recognition!


Ed Beauchesne

We recently received high praise for Driver Ed Beauchesne from a commercial customer who has historically had a difficult time servicing one of their sites. The customer wanted to let us know how much they appreciate Ed’s great work and stated, “Thank you for sending your number one driver up to pick up that container the other day, he did a great job as always and we love that guy!” Keep up the great work Ed!

Mike Dodge

A home building contractor recently texted our Construction Services Account Manager commending Driver Mike Dodge on his excellent service. The customer noted, ““the driver that delivered that can was incredible, amazing customer service. He went the extra mile to make sure the property owner was happy and everything is right on the money.” 

Way to keep our customers happy Mike, great job!