WM Customers Help Zoo New England During the COVID-19 Pandemic

WM Customers Help Zoo New England During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Shortages and Surpluses: WM Customers Helping Customers During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Not surprisingly, revenue from visitors sustains non-profit organizations like Zoo New England (ZNE).  Like so many businesses and organizations, the coronavirus shutdown was very challenging for ZNE’s Franklin Park Zoo and Stone Zoo, especially since they were heading into the busy season with no revenue from gate admission sales and other business as usual.

WM sent out a Total Recycle Program email that aimed to connect customers in need with customers that have a surplus of supplies who could potentially fulfill that need. In response, ZNE reached out to inquire about food donations to help feed its animals and offset costs. Heavens Harvest Farm (HHF), an organic farm located in New Braintree, Massachusetts, answered the call.

To date, over $1,500 dollars of produce has been donated via multiple shipments and coordinated through HHF’s intermediary site in Chelsea, MA.

“The vegetables provided by Heavens Harvest Farms for our animals have been greatly appreciated during these challenging times. We thank Heavens Harvest Farms for their support and generosity,” said Kevin Milhomme, Director of Corporate Partnerships at ZNE.

If interested in supporting the remarkable, generous spirit of HHF, visit Heavens Harvest Farm or sign up for HHF’s Community Supported Agriculture farm-to-consumer program. To visit the zoo, reserve your time at Zoo New England and consider becoming a ZNE member.

WM of New England would also like to acknowledge Linda Albanese, owner of Avanti Jewelry in Rhode Island, for  her financial contribution to Zoo New England as well as everyone who is supporting people throughout this pandemic, especially essential workers, like our drivers.