WM Drivers show up big

Waste Management Drivers Show Up Big

Norton Hauling Office – Norton MA

The Dell Technologies Championship is New England’s premier PGA TOUR event, held over Labor Day weekend at TPC Boston in Norton, Mass. As the exclusive waste services provider of this event, Waste Management of Norton had trucks running from Thursday August 30th straight through Labor Day September 3rd to service this valued customer and prestigious event. Crews were on hand to accommodate their waste removal needs prior to 6am each day to ensure all trash and recycle was removed from the course and grounds prior to 6am each event day. Waste Management drivers worked straight through their holiday weekend to get the job done.

Roderick Young, Driver – Rochester, NY

When servicing a local daycare center, Roderick Young often has many young fans watching him work. He is always great to the children, smiling and waving to them, and occasionally honking his horn for them as well. The daycare customer is so appreciative of Roderick’s service, they recently presented him with a big thank you card made by the children!

Brack Glandon, Helper – Rochester, NY

Last April, a wind storm caused a good deal of damage in the region. An elderly man fell while fixing the gutter on his home and was unable to get up. Luckily that man lives on Brack Glandon’s route. Brack saw the man in distress, helped him up, and brought him into his house. A thank you letter from the man’s daughter said it all: “We cannot thank Brack enough for his compassion and his willingness to help my father! He definitely went above and beyond what is expected and is clearly a man of integrity.” Thank you from all of us, Brack!

Bob Eberle, Dispatch – Rochester, NY

We received a glowing email from a large commercial real estate company praising Bob’s work. The email said, “I interact with a variety of different vendors and contractors and the customer service I receive varies. If we rated customer service on a 1 to 10 scale, Bob would receive a 10+. Bob is accessible, courteous, polite and responsible in returning phone calls with solutions to any problem. Without a doubt, he is an asset to your company.

John Soto, Roll-Off Driver – Albany, NY

While completing a pick-up at a local hospital, John noticed a visually impaired man having difficulty crossing a busy street. John immediately stopped his truck and got out to help. An onlooker witnessed this gesture and tweeted the following: “Despite the dozens of people that drove or walked by that man, [John] had the decency to help him. This was one of the kindest acts I have seen in a very long time and I did not want it to go unnoticed.”

Keith Jones, Driver – Rochester, NH

When a local resident heard a loud crash outside of home, he assumed it was a car accident. Stepping outside to investigate, he found that a vehicle had clipped his waste bin, sending trash all across his front yard. To his surprise, WM driver Keith Jones gathered up the trash, placed it back in the bin, and then emptied it into his truck. The customer was so pleased he posted the entire event on the town’s Facebook page; he said: “Wow! How do we thank him for all his effort and for being such a good guy?”

Ryan Simon’s New Truck – Red Hook,NY

Front Load Driver Ryan Simon was more than happy to show off his new truck to a group of nursery school students in Red Hook, NY. Jeff Budik, Market Sales Manager, was also on hand to talk to the children about the importance of recycling. The event was a huge success thanks to Ryan and Jeff who took the time out of their busy days to participate!

Chris Spaight Saves the Day – Rochester NY

On a regular Saturday afternoon when returning home from a few errands, WM Driver Chris Spaight came across a horrible scene. A competitors CNG collection vehicle had flipped on its side after an accident. Without hesitation, Chris pulled over, got out of his car and checked on the driver. Thankfully, the driver was shaken up but unhurt.

When the fire department arrived, they did not know how to how to turn off the CNG gas, nor did the driver of the vehicle. Thankfully, Chris showed them how, and even gave them a quick safety briefing on what to do in the event of a roll over. Chris also noticed that the CNG lines were broken at the top of the truck. Luckily there was very little gas left in the tank.

Chris then waited with the driver until his supervisor arrived. The supervisor could not thanks Chris enough for all he had done.

Thank you, Chris. Not just for your bravery, but for representing Waste Management in such a tremendous fashion.

Kerry “Joe” Westgate, Dispatcher/Router – Foxboro, MA

Kerry “Joe” Westgate has been with Waste Management for 40 years servicing in varying roles dedicated to providing exemplary service to our customers. As a truck driver, Joe has worked in every line of business including container delivery, residential and commercial. Joe has worked his way through the ranks from Driver to Operations to Route Manager. He is currently responsible for routing our New York container delivery team. Thanks for your years of service and dedication to our customers!