Disposing of Plexiglass in the Waste Stream

Acrylic and plexiglass barriers

One product that became an essential and everyday item during COVID is the plastic acrylic  (commonly called plexiglass) barriers that businesses installed to keep customers and employees safe during the outbreak. Plexiglass barriers are seemingly everywhere these days — grocery stores, dry cleaners, restaurant pickup windows, discount stores, and pharmacies. As COVID restrictions have started […]

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Hard-to-Handle Materials

Waste Management has developed several collection programs to help both residential and commercial customers manage their hard-to-handle materials. From swimming pool chemicals to electronic waste material, we’re working to help businesses dispose of items not suitable for regular waste bins.  Homes and businesses are filled with ordinary items and materials that require extraordinary disposal, handling […]

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WM Offers a Snapshot of Today’s Reclaimer Market

A Snapshot of Today’s Reclaimer Market

Houston-based Waste Management issued its September 2020 “Report on Recycling” to identify gaps in U.S. plastics recycling infrastructure, among other goals. The report is based on research and data-gathering from consulting firm, Resource Recycling Systems (RRS). RRS was brought about after advocacy group As You Sow called on Waste Management to disclose more information about […]

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