CORe® Turning Food Waste Into Energy

Food waste is a huge problem across North America. WM’s CORe facilities, and the teams that operate them, are turning a problem into an opportunity by processing organic material, like food waste, into biogas—a source of renewable energy.

  • Currently, WM has three facilities equipped with our patented CORe process. Each site has a CORe® facility manager who oversees the daily operations along with a skilled team.
  • Through WM’s CORe® process, we turn food waste, collected from local communities, into EBS®, an engineered slurry. In 2022, our CORe® facilities collectively produced over 38 million gallons of EBS®. One ton of processed food waste can produce enough energy to power 8-10 residential homes.
  • Our CORe® facilities are just one way WM is investing in technology and sustainable infrastructure to help us reach our goal of increasing WM’s recovery of materials by 60 percent by 2030.

Check out WM News to learn how our CORe® facility managers and their teams turn food waste into energy.