Meeting the Strong Demand For Recycled Content

With an ever-present commitment to sustainability, WM aims to invest in infrastructure that will help minimize environmental impact and keep up with the increasing demand for recycled content products.

Since 2019, the recycling of specific types of plastic such as polypropylene (#5 PP) has increased by as much as 40%, including many everyday items found in our homes including shampoo bottles and yogurt cups. To meet the growing demand for recycled content products while increasing access to recycling services for our customer base, WM has invested over $700 million into new and upgraded recycling facilities.

Much of this investment has been focused on incorporating new technology in order to optimize the recycling process. With more than 100 recycling facilities across the country, improvements to technology and automation allow for better service delivery to customers. These investments help WM support the circular economy while helping customers achieve environmental sustainability goals.

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