Acrylic and plexiglass barriers

Disposing of Plexiglass in the Waste Stream

One product that became an essential and everyday item during COVID is the plastic acrylic  (commonly called plexiglass) barriers that businesses installed to keep customers and employees safe during the outbreak. Plexiglass barriers are seemingly everywhere these days — grocery stores, dry cleaners, restaurant pickup windows, discount stores, and pharmacies.

As COVID restrictions have started to ease, some businesses may begin the process of removing these plastic barriers. Unfortunately, this type of plastic is not accepted in single stream recycling (SSR) containers. Please contact your WM account manager to inquire about recycling this, or other material, that cannot be disposed of in SSR containers. If you are unable to re-use, donate or find a special outlet that recycles plastic acrylic, please dispose of your plastic plexiglass barriers in the trash.

SSR: Remember to recycle clean, dry and loose: Cardboard, newspapers, junk mail, paper, paperboard (cereal/cracker boxes), plastic bottles and jugs, and steel, tin and aluminum cans.

 Throw in the trash: acrylic or plexiglass barriers, disposable gloves and masks, jugs and bottles containing food and liquid residue, disinfectant wipes, facial tissues, napkins and paper towels, disposable plates/cups/cutlery, takeout containers, plastic bags/film/wrap, and foam containers/packaging.

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