Chris Little Saves Man’s Best Friend

While on his regular route on a typical day, driver Chris Little, of Rochester, NY hauling, had no idea what was about to transpire. Always alert behind the wheel, Chris saw a large dog run past his truck. Up the street, an older gentleman was walking his small dog on a leash.

The large dog attacked the smaller dog, knocking its owner to the ground. Without hesitation, Chris sprang into action and pulled the large dog off the badly injured other one. Little held down the large dog until its owner arrived, while neighbors attended to the injured dog that was then rushed to the veterinarian.

Thanks to Chris’s swift actions, the dog survived the attack and is alive and well. The following week, the injured dog’s owner, a WM customer, presented Chris with a thank you card from Molly, the dog, that read, “Thank you so very much for your heroic actions that saved my life last week. My mom and dad are very thankful for your saving my life. Your friend for life – Molly.”