WM Driver Kudos

Alex Keys

Leachate Driver, Alex Keys, was traveling back to the Green Ridge Landfill in Fort Edward, NY, when he recognized a familiar smell. As a veteran Salem, NY Volunteer Fireman, the smell of smoke caught his senses.

He scanned his surroundings until he spotted a house that had flames shooting out of the upstairs window. He immediately pulled his truck over and went to the front door.

Another truck driver from a local aggregate quarry stopped to assist Alex when he saw him running toward the house. They both pounded on the door, with no immediate response. As they called 911, one of the three occupants finally answered.

Alex successfully removed the occupants, although one woman fought his request so that she could go upstairs to rescue her cat. After convincing all of them to leave, Alex’s training kicked in as he went upstairs to close every door to minimize the spread of the fire until fire trucks could respond.

When the Fire Department responded, Alex provided intel on the house layout and the location of the family’s cat, who was safely retrieved.

Thank you for stepping up and saving lives, Alex.


Stan Hendersen

A customer from Chichester, NH recently expressed their great appreciation for Driver Stan Henderson’s good deed. The customer realized that an employee had mistakenly disposed of a memorial for a recently deceased colleague and they were distraught that it might be gone forever. They quickly contacted Stan who took the time to look through the 30-yard container, ultimately finding the memorial! The customer was extremely pleased stating, “We are very appreciative of this driver for we know he did not have to do this. We wanted to share this with you so that Stan gets the recognition he deserves.” 

Thank you for going above and beyond for our customers Stan!


Tim Francis & Julio Capeles

 The collection crew of Driver Tim Francis and Helper Julio Capeles received a message of thanks from a resident in Norwell, MA. The customer’s four-year-old son loves collection day and always waves to Tim and Julio when they arrive. Recently, the guys brought the boy a WM hard hat and vest and a toy truck as well. The happiness on his face in the picture below says it all! 

Tim and Julio, your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated…nice work!