WMPO 2020 Sustainability Forum

Mark your calendars! The annual WMPO Sustainability Forum is happening on January 30, 2020. Our annual conference aims to benefit the planet and your business. Since 1971, Waste Management’s mission has been environmental performance. We seek to maximize resource value, while minimizing environmental impact so that our economy, our people, and our environment can thrive. […]

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Recycle Right

Waste Management has simplified our customers’ online experience by consolidating all WM related recycling information into one place.  We’re here to help you recycle right, answer common recycling questions and provide the information, tools, and resources you need to make recycling both simple and convenient. Whether you’re a long-time recycler or brand new, we want […]

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Waste Management 2018 Recycling Environmental Benefits

WM’s recycling efforts translate into impressive environmental benefits.

Waste Management recently completed the tabulation of the 2018 recycling tonnages for company-wide Waste Management operations. In 2018, WM managed the recycling of 10.21 million tons of aluminum, cardboard/paper, scrap metals, plastics, wood pallets, and glass. When we add other recyclables managed for recycling and beneficial use – such as 3.59 million tons of organics, 1.16 million […]

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